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Northway Wellness Centre, located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, is home to the Residential Withdrawal Management and Safe Beds program.

Our services include a thorough assessment, medical assistance such as medication-assisted symptom and craving management, education on healthy coping, harm reduction, life skills, relapse prevention, treatment planning and referrals, individual and group counselling/support, peer support, and self-help groups.

Residential Withdrawal Management

Residential Withdrawal Management is a community-based program that offers safe, evidence-informed short-term care for individuals 16 years and older who are experiencing acute substance withdrawal, intoxication or are seeking help with relapse prevention.

Mental Health and Justice Safe Beds

Mental Health and Justice Safe Beds offers short-term residential support to individuals aged 16 and above who are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis and cannot continue to stay at their current residence. The program offers support for both immediate and long-term needs.

In-home/Mobile Withdrawal Management

In-home/Mobile Withdrawal Management brings services and supports to the individual – whether in an individual’s home, a family member’s home, a shelter, a supportive recovery facility, or other places where a person resides.

How We Can Help

We are a short-term community-based residential withdrawal management and stabilization program that can help you with withdrawal from substances (e.g., opiates, alcohol, etc.), problem gambling and crisis support.

Outside courtyard at Northway Wellness Centre

Family & Caregiver Resources

We know family and caregivers may also need support as you care for your loved one; additional community supports are available.