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Residential Withdrawal Management – Mental Health and Justice Safe Beds is a short-term program that provides safe care for individuals 16 and older experiencing substance withdrawal, intoxication, or seeking help with relapse prevention.

Compassionate and tailored care for individuals (16 years and older) seeking residential withdrawal management, relapse prevention or safe bed support.

The services provided will include comprehensive assessment, medical support (including medication-assisted symptom and craving management), education including harm reduction, healthy coping, life skills, and relapse prevention, Continuum of Care treatment planning and referrals, individual and group counselling and support, and peer support & self-help groups.

Through a comprehensive search of all available spaces in Sault Ste. Marie. Each option was evaluated based on Provincial Standards for Withdrawal Management Services and Ministry of Health Space Standards for community-based programs. Some of the criteria used to determine suitability included:

  • Proximity to the hospital and emergency services
  • Physical space (square footage)
  • Centralized location
  • Building code/CSA/fire suppression
  • Access to ‘green space’ for outdoor wellness activities
  • Suitability as a residential/congregate care centre
  • Accessible via public transportation and space for parking
  • Space to expand or ability to co-locate other SAH services in the same building

To inform this decision, we consulted with our provincial, regional, and community partners, including Indigenous Partners, Social Services, Mental Health and Addictions Services, Patient and Family Advisors, and Healthcare providers.

The relocation of the residential withdrawal management and safe beds services will ensure that individuals in our community have access to a specially designed environment and high-quality mental health and addiction care, where and when they need it.