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Who we help

We treat individuals who...

  • Are 16 or older and experiencing a crisis related to their substance use
  • Have no ID or belongings
  • Are intoxicated, in withdrawal, or wanting to avoid relapse
  • Are not sure if they are ready for treatment but want help or have questions
  • Feel they may be addicted to drugs, including alcohol and prescription medications

Are there any exclusions for clients?

  • Individuals under the age of 16
  • Patients who are not medically stable
  • Involuntary patients
  • Patients exhibiting acute mental health symptoms that may be causing a danger to themselves or others
  • Those presenting with significant, immediate risk of aggression, violence or other safety risks
Outside courtyard at Northway Wellness Centre in the evening.
Northway Wellness Centre South Courtyard at Night

Can you attend if you have complicated medical issues?

Those with complicated medical concerns must be medically cleared/stabilized. Once stabilized, they are welcome to attend Northway. Upon admission to care, close monitoring is required to ensure stabilization is sustained. If one’s health deteriorates beyond Residential Withdrawal Management or Mental Health and Justice Safe Beds scope, a transfer to a more intensive level of care (i.e. ED, hospital) is facilitated.