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Your Stay

Northway Wellness Centre Living Room
Northway Wellness Centre Living Room

To help support your stay at Northway, the following provides clients and their families with information about key aspects of one’s stay. More detailed information is available by calling (705) 942-1872 and speaking with a Northway Care Team member.

Length of Stay

Withdrawal Management: generally, 1-7 days

Mental Health Crisis Safe Beds: generally up to 14 days

Justice Safe Beds: generally up to 30 days with appropriate referral


Client Privacy and Safety

Each client is assigned a private bedroom/washroom (You are not permitted to enter other clients’ rooms).

For safety, an ID wristband is provided to all clients and is to be worn at all times.

If someone calls to ask about you, we will keep your privacy by not disclosing your presence. If you would like someone added to your consent list, please inform the staff.

Northway Client Welcome Guide

Medical Support

Medication & Prescriptions

All medications will be provided to staff for safe storage and available at scheduled times. Health/life-sustaining medications (e.g., inhalers, epi-pens, etc.) will be reviewed by staff and remain with you.

Clients may access their medications as prescribed. Please remember to access your medications at the scheduled and prescribed times. Staff will prompt clients about their medication schedules as required.

Staff can arrange to have your prescriptions delivered to Northway, including Methadone, Suboxone, etc. (some exceptions may apply).

On-Site Nurse Practitioner (NP)
An NP available Monday through Friday. If you are interested in anti-crave medication, the NP will gladly discuss your options.

Should you have any health concerns during your stay, please get in touch with the RN, who will assess you and engage the NP as appropriate.

First Aid
It is an expectation that any injury or accident be reported to a staff member. They will offer first aid if it is needed.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phones are permitted following the first 72 hours of your stay.
  • Cell phones are to be used in client rooms ONLY. Cell phones are not to be used in public spaces.
  • Staff can assist you should you need to make phone calls for treatment or discharge planning.

Electronic Devices

  • We highly recommend that you keep all electronic devices at home.
  • Electronic devices are to be used in client rooms ONLY.
  • If you bring items such as a cell phone, laptop, gaming devices, etc., we strongly encourage you to utilize the personal safe in your room for safe storage. Northway will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Clothing should be casual, comfortable and appropriate for the weather.

Hats/sunglasses are recommended for scheduled outdoor activities.

We encourage you to be aware of clothing that could be triggering or offensive to others. If you are unsure, clarify with the staff.

For your safety, footwear must be worn at all times.

We ask that you bring outdoor shoes and slippers or indoor shoes.

This is a shared environment; therefore, we ask that you keep it clutter-free.

We ask that you make your bed and keep your room tidy.

You will be asked to participate in light “household” duties once you feel better.

You will be assigned light housekeeping duties.

Please clear dishes and trays of leftover food or garbage after meals.

Nutrition is an essential aspect of your health and wellness.

Water bottle filling stations are available throughout the building.

Snacks are available at posted times.

Meals will be delivered to client rooms for those who are intoxicated or in active withdrawal.

Food cannot be stored or saved in client rooms due to environmental control measures (ants, rodents, etc.).

Vending machines are available to purchase snacks and beverages.

Food and beverages brought to the facility must be sealed in original packaging. Any item not sealed (coffee, tea, take-out) will be disposed of or sent home with loved ones.

Meals are planned; therefore, staff cannot change diet requests based on preference.

If you require a special diet/meal change, please advise staff during intake.

You may feel most comfortable with your own toiletries. 3 in 1 soap is available and stocked in all washrooms/showers.

We are a scent-sensitive environment. To help reduce the risk of allergic reactions, we ask you not to wear perfume, body spray or heavily scented lotions.

As soon as you can, you are encouraged to be showered and dressed by 9 am.

It is essential to wash your hands throughout the day.

Use proper handwashing techniques while working in the kitchen or handling food.

All clothing brought into the facility will be placed in a dryer on high heat. Items that cannot be laundered will be sent home or bagged and placed in an inaccessible storage area until discharge.

Outings are limited to ensure that the focus remains on your recovery.

Arrangements will be made to have your prescriptions delivered directly to the centre, reducing the need to go to the pharmacy.

If you have an urgent appointment that cannot be rescheduled, please discuss it with staff, and they will review your request.

You will be required to check in and provide verification that you attended the approved outing.

Physical activity is an integral part of your recovery. Clients are encouraged to utilize our therapeutic and recreational outdoor courtyards and the fitness centre during scheduled times.

As able, clients are expected to attend all in-house therapeutic programming.

Using illicit substances (alcohol, narcotics, and non-prescribed medications) while admitted to Northway is prohibited and may result in an early transition back to the community.

Weapons are prohibited and must be turned over to staff at admission.

Weapons found in a client’s possession after admission will result in an immediate transition back to the community.

All clients and their belongings will be searched upon admission.

Staff will conduct regular environmental safety scans. When staff become aware of a concern, they may conduct a specific search. Clients have the right to be present during this search.

Clients have the right to decline a staff search, but should this be the choice, clients will be transitioned back to the community.

Substances like alcohol and drugs, illicit weapons, and paraphernalia will be disposed of during admission.

You may be asked to change into hospital clothing during this search so that your clothing can safely be checked.

Everyone is responsible for ensuring Northway is a safe place to receive care.

At 10 pm, we ask that clients wind down for the night. You will be asked to return to your room, as establishing routine sleep habits is vital in recovery. This is a time to do an activity that will help you relax, such as journaling.

We understand that music can be very therapeutic, but we ask that it be played only in your room, at a respectful volume to others around you.

Using personal earbuds or headphones is ideal.

Difficulty sleeping is common during withdrawal; our experienced staff can support you.

Designated smoking areas are available. Smoking within the facility or outside of designated areas is strictly prohibited.

Televisions are located in the lounge areas and will be accessible at scheduled times
throughout the day/evening.

Clients are expected to keep their feet off of the furniture.

Clients are asked not to sleep/lie down in the lounge.

Television will be turned off at 10 pm (2200 hours).

Northway is committed to supporting clients’ spiritual health as part of the healing journey.

Clients can perform traditional ceremonies involving burning sacred medicines in the designated Cedar Room or outside courtyards at Northway. Northway will provide medicines.

Spiritual ceremonies without burning, using liquid smudge, are allowed in client rooms.

You are expected to work alongside staff to begin working on your transition (discharge) plans the morning after your intake. This way, you will have a thorough transition/relapse prevention plan when you leave our care.

Transitions occur after 09:30. Please arrange for pick-up after this time. (If an earlier time is required, please discuss it with the staff).

You are responsible for taking all belongings with you.

Items left after your transition will be disposed of unless there is an approved plan to pick them up within one (1) week (including items left behind by those who do not return from an outing).

Speak to your Care Team about having visitors.