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Wellness FAQ

Path to Wellness

Withdrawal Management (or Detox) can be the first step in getting help for substance intoxication or dependence. It differs from a treatment centre and serves as an information hub, providing symptom management for withdrawal, support/education for harm reduction, and a drug and alcohol-free zone.

The Mental Health and Justice Safe Beds (Safe Beds) program is in-house treatment at Northway to divert an individual from mental health inpatient admission or entry into the criminal justice system. Safe beds are designed for those with Mental Health and/or addiction needs that are suitable for non-medical intervention and can be supported in a community/home-like setting rather than in a hospital.

Currently, SAH has two ‘flex’ safe beds for those in a mental health/addictions crisis to divert from hospital or incarceration and support with housing needs- these referrals can come from anywhere in the community, and those in care will receive support with mental health, care planning, housing etc. Usually, clients in a ‘flex’ safe bed can stay up to 14 days.

There are also four mental health and justice safe beds that offer similar support however, the referrals must come from police or police/crisis and be suitable for diversion from inpatient hospital – these referrals can stay up to 30 days to stabilize and obtain a treatment plan/housing plan. It is a voluntary service. Safe bed workers ally closely with probation and parole, community justice workers, and police services.

Yes, we offer In-home/Mobile Withdrawal Management brings services and supports to the individual – whether in an individual’s home, a family member’s home, a shelter, a supportive recovery facility, or other places where a person resides. This service is intended to increase access to community withdrawal management services, particularly for hard-to-service clients, including those located in rural and remote areas. Specifically, this service will provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals experiencing acute withdrawal from substances to withdraw from substances at home. Service may be provided in person or virtually across the region.

We are available when you are ready. Call our team at (705) 942-1872 to discuss options and to plan your stay for when you are ready.

All care is voluntary. You are able to place yourself on a reservation list, and we will contact you when a space is ready based on your needs.