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Our Facility

Northway Wellness Centre provides each client access to a private room and washroom, ensuring privacy and comfort. Our facility offers common areas such as dining spaces, living areas, and courtyards to enjoy and socialize with others. To help you make your room as comfortable as possible, it includes key features such as lighting controls, thermostat adjustments, blinds operation, and a personal safe.  

Facility Highlights:

  • 16,000 square feet of space for client programming
  • 20 adult Withdrawal Management and Mental Health and Justice Safe Beds
  • Contemporary standings for accessibility, privacy and infection prevention and control
  • Therapeutic outdoor gardens
  • Secure lobby entrance and heightened security rooms
  • Increased safety measures, including a walk-through metal detector
  • All private bedrooms with private washrooms; barrier-free washroom
  • Safety-designed fixtures and furniture
  • Bedrooms located along the perimeter for windows and natural light
  • Low sensory rooms available
Northway Wellness Centre Entrance
Northway Wellness Centre Entrance